Private Spa Rules

We put a lot of love, time and effort in our spa, so everyone can have a relaxing and unforgettable stay. We expect that everyone is respectful with our facilities. To prevent misunderstandings, we have some ground rules. 

  • Inside the saunas everyone must sit or lie on a large towel. You will also need a towel to dry yourself. If you did not bring a towel, you must rent one at the front desk. 
  • Bringing your own drinks, food or (beauty) products is not allowed. Brought in products will be preserved and given back to you when you leave our spa.  
  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not allowed: if found after your stay, we will charge a €150 fine.
  • Outdoor footwear is only allowed in the locker room area. 
  • Taking a shower before using the sauna’s, jacuzzi or pools is prohibited.
  • The use of massage oil, body lotion, hair masks, sunburn, etc. is not allowed, before using our baths and sauna’s.
  • Adding products to the baths is not allowed.
  • Our products (black soap and clay) which you can purchase at the front desk, must be applied in the hammam area. The product must be rinsed off in the shower area. 
  • You’re allowed to wear swimwear, if it has no traces of shampoo or soap in it. 
  • Jumping or diving into the hot tub and plunge pool is not allowed. 
  • Taking pictures and videos is not allowed. 
  • Inflicted damage to our spa will be charged on you. 
  • We are not responsible for the loss of your personal belongings. We’re also not responsible for injuries or damage of people and or goods. 
  • We have the right to ask you to leave when you don’t obey the spa rules, even when you’ve already paid. A fine may be applicable.
  • We will always call the police in case of theft or other illegal activities. 
  • When you book our spa, you automatically acknowledge and agree to follow up on the above mentioned rules.